Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Finds - Floral Watercolor prints

The last couple weeks have been so busy around our house.  We have so many different projects going on that I can barely keep them all straight.  My mom, sister, and I are having a large garage sale Memorial day weekend so we have been trying to prep for that.  We've also had some issues at the house come up, like a backed up sewer pipe and a leaky roof.  Thankfully neither have been a big issue at this point.  

I also have several projects that I have been trying to work on.  Once I figure out what colors I want to paint those, I can start those projects...stay tuned!

Today I wanted to show off another of my favorite finds.  It’s actually 2 items, but they are a set.  My mother-in-law volunteers at a thrift store and is always keeping her eye out for good deals for us.  When we were getting ready to move into our house, she let us know about a dining room set.  We went to see the set and while we were there I noticed these 2 watercolor prints.  

I am a sucker for any type of floral print and these just looked so pretty.  I couldn't pass them up, especially for only $15!  The smaller one has a crack in the corner of the glass which needs to be repaired yet.  It’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed to the side as more important tasks come up.  

I don’t know what it is about flowers but they always make me feel cheery and happy!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pantry Makeover

Happy Sunday folks! The hubby and I are finally going to celebrate our Anniversary tonight, only 2 1/2 weeks late.

When it comes to storage, I say the more the better!  So, we have this brand new kitchen, right?  While I love all the cabinets and the layout, I wanted more storage space.  When we toured the house for the first time we noticed a closet just off the kitchen, near the basement stairs and next to the side door.  The closet is a really good size.  I’m not sure what is was used for previously, but I knew that I would not be using it to hang coats!  I decided I wanted to turn it into a small pantry for extra groceries as well as a place to store our cat food and some other items, like an extra crock pot.

Pardon the really crappy photo.  

Before - Yuck

During - after stripping

The floor in the closet had not been redone like the rest of the house.  The entire pantry smelled so bad and the floor felt like it was covered in grease and grim. The first thing I needed to do was strip the floors.  For this I used, Crown Tuff Strip.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the container and make sure to have plenty of ventilation!  Since the space is not very big, it didn't take long.  And it looked a whole lot better.  


After stripping the floor I cleaned it all with mineral spirits and sanded it smooth.  I made sure to clean it up really good before applying the polyurethane. There was a small part of me that thought I would re-stain the floors but after seeing the floors stripped and sanded, I just couldn't cover that beauty up!  I decided to go with a matte poly for this floor and it looks so great!  

Once the floor was finished we focused on added shelving. I ended up getting some moulding for super cheap and we just primed and painted them white. My dad come over and added the moulding and shelves.

This area of the house is very dark as it does not have a light except for in the pantry. We wanted to paint it something bright and light. I chose Neon Mint and it's exactly what this little space needed.

We now have that extra storage that we really wanted. Because of the heights of the ceiling, we could still build more shelving down the road if we needed to. My dream is to find an old screen door to swap out with the current door.

So there you have my new pantry. It was a great little project to experiment with. Tell me what you think!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jewelry / Make-up Vanity

Happy Saturday! We are lounging this morning but I'm super excited to be doing a craft night with some of my girlfriends later tonight!

We have what we like to call the “nook”.  Its a small hallway/room that connects our bedroom to another bedroom and the bathroom upstairs.  It’s not very big but I thought it was a great spot to display my jewelry and maybe even do my make-up.  I have been on the look out for a desk or vanity to put up there since we moved in last May.  A couple months ago I found exactly what I was looking for.  And for $25, I couldn't pass it up!  

Crappy cell phone screen shot

I knew I wanted to change the color, so I was debating on staining it or painting it.  After getting it home I realized staining it wasn't an option.  So I decided to finally try chalk paint.  I picked up Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray and the clear wax.  I don't have any during pictures, but it was pretty straight forward.  The nice thing about chalk paint is that it doesn't require you to sand or prime. For someone like me who doesn't have patience for prep work, this was great.  I removed the mirror and arms for the mirror as well as removed the seat top from the base.  I painted everything with 2 layers of chalk paint, including the handles.  

Once it was all dry, I applied 3 coats of the clear wax.  Be sure to let the wax dry/cure for several hours before the next coat.  You can buff the wax once it's dry to adjust the look of it.  In between the coats of paint, I also reupholstered the seat cover.  As much as I wanted to do something really fun for the fabric, I couldn't find the right one.  Thankfully, JoAnn Fabric's remnant section had the perfect fabric.  

I love the way this turned out!  

It fits perfectly in our little nook.  I added the hooks for some of my longer necklaces.  The mirror on the wall will be getting a fresh, new coat of paint soon and the wall across from the vanity will be getting something really exciting added!

The top drawer pulls out and it felt lined to store rings.  The next two drawers have felt lined dividers for earrings and the bottom is a small door made to look like 3 more drawers.  The door on the side swings out and has hooks for more necklaces as well.

Let's hope with all this organization that I'll finally start wearing my jewelry.  It helps that it is all now right in the open and easily accessible.

I hope you like the transformation as much as I do!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our Fireplace

Happy Easter everyone!  What a week it has been around here.  We are ending of weekend by hosting the Easter lunch with my family and my husbands family, minus a couple people.  I wish I could see this next week will be more relaxing but it will probably be even more exhausting.  At least my house is clean for a while!

The living room is where we spend the most time in our house.  If you remember, we currently are without a fireplace and mantle, but we have a great brick hearth.  While we continue to search for the perfect mantle, I wanted to show what I am doing right now with fireplace.  I found several prints that I loved from Dear Lillie and decided to switch them out for the seasons.  This morning I changed the print to the "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" print.  I love that I can change things up and keep with the season.

Many of the items we have on the mantle have special significance behind them.  The birch vases were used at our wedding and the blue hydrangeas were the flowers we had for our bouquets and centerpieces.  I also have one of our wedding photos displayed.  I added another little print I purchased online and a cute little bunny.  And lastly, our "money tree" that I have kept alive for a couple weeks so far.

I love that all these pieces have special meaning to us and are very personal.  Someday we will be adding a gas fireplace, but for now, we'll enjoy it the way it is.  

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