Sunday, September 27, 2015

Main Bathroom Inspiration

Hey guys!  Happy Sunday.  This weekend was full of flea markets and shopping.  We went to the Painted Farm Girl Flea yesterday. It was sooooo crazy!!  Then today we went to the Allegan Antique Fair and came home with lots of  fun things.  We are relaxing for a couple minutes before heading out to dinner at my in-laws.

Soap boxes, pulley, child's show form and insulator
Awesome basket light with pulleys.  Can't wait to hang it!
 So, my plan for tonight (Friday) was to work on a table that I'm refinishing.  We ate a quick bite of dinner while watching some TV and Margot climbed up on my lap and fell asleep.  Poor kitty lost a big chunk of fur and now her skin is all irritated.  I don't have the heart to move her cause she is passed.out! So, I thought this was the perfect time to show you my inspiration for what I hope I can get my main bathroom looking like.

So my thought for this bathroom is to make it as functional as I can but also to "pretty it up".  I love lots of natural light in bathrooms and I really want to lighten things up.  The first way I see lightening it up is to change out the vanity.  The one we have is dark, boxy and cheap.  I'd love to get something that has a shelf at the bottom for extra storage and make it feel more like a furniture piece rather than a cabinet.

Fairmont Napa Vanity
After the vanity comes paint.  I have SW Grasslands in the bathroom now and I chose this color before we moved in.  I like it but I don't love it.  With that said, I will repaint the walls with SW Sea Salt.  It's a beautiful blue/green/gray that is clean and crisp and feels spa-like.  Word on the street is that Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper uses this color in her homes.  Can't go wrong there!

I'd love to find a simple vintage mirror to replace the builder grade mirror that we currently have.  We've been keeping our eyes peeled for one whenever we go to flea markets and antique stores.

 Lighting is another item on my wish list.  It's not as easy of a fix, so this item is more of a hopefully rather than a for sure.  The only light in the bathroom now is a ceiling light.  The idea is to someday get a light fixture added either above the mirror or two sconces on either side of the mirror.


So those are the biggest changes I'd like to see happen.  Here are a couple of inspirations that I feel best reflect the look that I'd like to create in this bathroom.




If  time and budget were no big deal, the tile in the photo above would also be a must!  I really love it.  So, what do you think?  Are you currently working on a bathroom renovation?  If you have done one, what is something you would make sure you did better or change if you could do it again?  I'd love to hear what you think!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our Sad Bathroom

Happy Sunday Friends!  So, quick story.  Today I pulled out all of my fall decor and laid it out on the kitchen table.  It is all orange, like so much orange it's not even funny!  As soon as I saw it I knew there was too much of that color.  I don't mind orange but after seeing so many neutral fall spaces in blogland the last several weeks I really want to do less color.  So, I'll be following my own tips from my last post, and finding some inexpensive ways to add some neutral colors to my fall decor.  Anyways, on to today's topic. Hopefully I don't bore you too much, there aren't any beautiful pictures today.

I mentioned before that we have three bathrooms in our house: bad, ok and better.  One can't even be considered a bathroom at this point since there is no plumbing hooked up.  The plumbing is there but no toilet and no sink.  The "ok" bathroom is our small upstairs bathroom, we can use the toilet, sink and tub but not the shower.  And the last one is our main bathroom.  We can use everything but it still needs work.

I thought I'd show you a little real life and show some of the things that need to be addressed in this bathroom.  Now, if you remember, when we first saw this bathroom it looked like this:

Yikes!  Right?  So, they completely redid this bathroom, which was great.  But.... they left a lot of work either done poorly or unfinished.  

The first offender is our floor.   I really love the tile that they chose for the bathroom and kitchen in this house.  It's good quality and a nice neutral color.  Unfortunately it was not put in properly.  About 6 months after we moved in, the grout started coming up in the bathroom.  We have several spots where there is no grout there and more keeps coming out in chunks.  This will need to be addressed soon.  I don't even know if the tile will be able to be saved, but I hope so.  

Can you see where the grout is missing?

Next up is this ugly eyesore.  Moisture was able to get into this trim and it has now warped and really gross!  That will need to be pulled out and new trim replaced.  First we will need to make sure we can fix the source of this water issue.  I continue to watch it to make sure it isn't getting any bigger.

Yup, it's nasty!
We also have a window in our shower.  Now, I love having windows but I really dislike when the only window the room has is right where I stand in the shower.  It doesn't help that it faces our neighbors house and that their driveway is RIGHT THERE.  We've put up some frosty window cling but I still felt uncomfortable, so I used some command hooks and added a small curtain rod and frosted shower liner to help add more privacy.  I would love to frost the entire window, but some people (hubs) aren't 100% sure on that.  Another thing about this window is that no one bothered to caulk around it, so that has been on our to do list for a while.  

The lighting in the bathroom isn't great.  The light flickers and is in the middle of the room.  We would like to get an additional light installed above the mirror (which we will also replace)  And we only have 1 outlet in this bathroom.  We actually just had an electrician here this week fixing the outlet as it stopped working.  When we pulled it apart, the terminal where the ground wire is attached, was melted!  Apparently the fixture they put in was not rated for use in damp areas!  Thankfully we caught it before it burned our house done.

The vanity in this room I would love to replace as well.  I don't like it and the top has a chunk missing from one of the corners.

Finally is the walls themselves.  The paint has started to bubble and just in general looks very bad.  I don't believe they used the proper paint.  We will have to prep the walls really well before we repaint and make sure that we use paint specifically for bathrooms.  

So those are the biggest things going wrong in this bathroom.  And since this has already gotten to be pretty long, I will save my plans for revamping the bathroom for a separate post.

I'm not sure when we will be able to really start working on this bathroom, since we will probably have it torn up for a while.  But, I am excited to make plans for what I would like in here.  The paint color will change as will the vanity and counter top, both of which I hate, new light fixture and more storage.  

Have you ever had a renovation gone bad?  We figured that in buying a house that had been newly renovated, we wouldn't have to do projects like this for a while.  But, you live and learn.  So, stay tuned for what my vision is for this bathroom and for the actual bathroom makeover!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall decor on a budget

The fall season is fast approaching my friends!  Granted, here in Michigan, we are in the high 70's, low 80's this week.  But this is the time to start pulling out your fall decor and taking inventory of what you have.  I have several great core pieces that I like to use in my annual decorating, but I like to find new items every year to freshen things up.  What I don't like, is to spend a lot.

So today I wanted to give you some ideas on where to find some great, seasonal pieces to keep in your rotation.  The nice thing is, they won't break the bank, in case you decide the next year that you don't like it anymore.

First off, I love my Dear Lillie chalkboard print.  I purchased the download here and had it printed at Staples.  This one I display all year round in the dining room but you could easily rotate it with some of their other prints.  I've heard some people have had good luck getting these printed as engineered prints, which normally cost about $2.  I decided to get mine printed in a better quality because I knew I wanted it to last a long time.  The print is 24x36 but you could make it smaller than that if you didn't want to go that big.

Craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's always have an amazing selection of holiday decor.  The great thing about these places is they pretty much all have coupons for 40-50% off a select item.  So, a couple weeks ago, I used one such coupon to buy this wheat bundle.  I love adding natural elements in my decor, Places like Hobby Lobby also normally have their fall decor 40% off before the season starts.  Be sure to check out their ads or website to find out when that happens.  
Another great time to buy fall decor is right after the fall season.  When stores are trying to get rid of stuff to bring in new inventory, most items will go for much deeper discounts.  So, you can pick up some great stuff for next year!

This year, one surprising place that I found a ton of great fall decor was at Target.  Not in the Home Decor section, but in the Dollar Spot!  Target is really amping up their game in this section.  I grabbed this crate, some candles, a small pillow, the Hello Fall sign and the black wire pumpkins for $3 each.  I already love Target for their great items, but I really am loving the inexpensive decor that they have been adding to this section.  

I already said I like bringing in natural elements, so what better way then adding some gourds and pumpkins from your garden or local market.  My mother-in-law gave these to me after picking them at the church's children's garden.  These are great items to use in those small crates, or in a bowl on the tables or adding them to a shelf.  

This handmade fall sign I picked up at the store where I rent a booth.  The artist's shop is called Denise...on a whim.  I had seen this sign a couple weeks ago when I was in checking on my booth and fell in love.  I wasn't ready to pull the trigger so I decided to wait and if it was still there when I came back, I'd get it.  Well, it must have been meant for me because it was still there Saturday.  I put it up right when I got home and love it!  The colors are perfect for my house and the sign looks great, greeting my visitors.  I love supporting other local artists.  This time of year is great for going to craft shows and flea markets where a lot of people sell handmade items like these.  You may spend a little more but I really feel it's worth it to support your local peeps! Be sure to check out her blog as well here.

I'm sure there are many more places that you can find great decor at reasonable prices.  I'd love to hear where you have found some great items.  Let me know in the comments section.  Or, if you have a favorite item, please share that as well!

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

6 Month Review

I realized last night that it has been 6 months since I started writing.  Yay! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my top 6 posts of the last 6 months.  Its a little crazy to me that it's been 6 months already.  I've enjoyed sharing with you guys so far and hope that you guys are enjoying it too!

So, starting from number 6, was the First Look

On this post I showed off what our house looked like the first time we saw it.  It was nasty and gross. Sometimes I wonder what made us even agree to buy it.  But we saw the potential it had to become something great.

Next up is the Gallery Wall I created one afternoon. I still really love how this turned out.  It really adds character to this side of the room.  Of course, now I feel like all my other walls are bare compared to this one, but I'm still working on things.

Number 3 was my post about The Problem with Blogs and Pinterest.  I think a lot of people really related to this issue.  I have been doing better about not comparing myself and my house to others.  There are those off days when I wish I could just leave my house and move into one that is already perfect but those days are becoming less and less.  I think by writing out my frustrations regarding that, it's really helped me think clearer.  And it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way.

In May, we celebrated 1 Year in our house.

 We still love the house and look forward to doing many more upgrades and personal touches here.  It's slowly becoming more us and we are also slowly learning what our style is as a married couple.  I think that's been one of the hardest things, finding a combined style.  My husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to decor.  He definitely has an opinion on what goes in the house and he knows what he likes and doesn't like.  So for us to work together and come to common ground is really satisfying.

In July, I showed off my Headboard Makeover.  This curb-side freebie was such a fun project to complete.  It was a little challenging to figure out how to make it work, but it turned out so well!  It's actually now at my booth at the Caledonia Vintage Marketplace waiting for someone to come and buy her.


And finally, my number 1 post was my Ikea Rast Hack!  This was another fun and challenging project.  I really love the transformation that some paint and new hardware created.  The entire project cost me less than $50, with my "oops" paint, free hardware and a can of gold spray paint.  Can't beat that!

It's been a busy six months!  But I'm loving it!  I'm so grateful for everyone who takes time out of their day to read my little blog and I hope that it gives you some inspiration as well.

Do you have a favorite post that I didn't feature?  I'd love to hear what your favorite one is and why.  Feedback from you guys really makes all this worth it.  I love hearing from you!

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