Our Sad Bathroom

Happy Sunday Friends!  So, quick story.  Today I pulled out all of my fall decor and laid it out on the kitchen table.  It is all orange, like so much orange it's not even funny!  As soon as I saw it I knew there was too much of that color.  I don't mind orange but after seeing so many neutral fall spaces in blogland the last several weeks I really want to do less color.  So, I'll be following my own tips from my last post, and finding some inexpensive ways to add some neutral colors to my fall decor.  Anyways, on to today's topic. Hopefully I don't bore you too much, there aren't any beautiful pictures today.

I mentioned before that we have three bathrooms in our house: bad, ok and better.  One can't even be considered a bathroom at this point since there is no plumbing hooked up.  The plumbing is there but no toilet and no sink.  The "ok" bathroom is our small upstairs bathroom, we can use the toilet, sink and tub but not the shower.  And the last one is our main bathroom.  We can use everything but it still needs work.

I thought I'd show you a little real life and show some of the things that need to be addressed in this bathroom.  Now, if you remember, when we first saw this bathroom it looked like this:

Yikes!  Right?  So, they completely redid this bathroom, which was great.  But.... they left a lot of work either done poorly or unfinished.  

The first offender is our floor.   I really love the tile that they chose for the bathroom and kitchen in this house.  It's good quality and a nice neutral color.  Unfortunately it was not put in properly.  About 6 months after we moved in, the grout started coming up in the bathroom.  We have several spots where there is no grout there and more keeps coming out in chunks.  This will need to be addressed soon.  I don't even know if the tile will be able to be saved, but I hope so.  

Can you see where the grout is missing?

Next up is this ugly eyesore.  Moisture was able to get into this trim and it has now warped and really gross!  That will need to be pulled out and new trim replaced.  First we will need to make sure we can fix the source of this water issue.  I continue to watch it to make sure it isn't getting any bigger.

Yup, it's nasty!
We also have a window in our shower.  Now, I love having windows but I really dislike when the only window the room has is right where I stand in the shower.  It doesn't help that it faces our neighbors house and that their driveway is RIGHT THERE.  We've put up some frosty window cling but I still felt uncomfortable, so I used some command hooks and added a small curtain rod and frosted shower liner to help add more privacy.  I would love to frost the entire window, but some people (hubs) aren't 100% sure on that.  Another thing about this window is that no one bothered to caulk around it, so that has been on our to do list for a while.  

The lighting in the bathroom isn't great.  The light flickers and is in the middle of the room.  We would like to get an additional light installed above the mirror (which we will also replace)  And we only have 1 outlet in this bathroom.  We actually just had an electrician here this week fixing the outlet as it stopped working.  When we pulled it apart, the terminal where the ground wire is attached, was melted!  Apparently the fixture they put in was not rated for use in damp areas!  Thankfully we caught it before it burned our house done.

The vanity in this room I would love to replace as well.  I don't like it and the top has a chunk missing from one of the corners.

Finally is the walls themselves.  The paint has started to bubble and just in general looks very bad.  I don't believe they used the proper paint.  We will have to prep the walls really well before we repaint and make sure that we use paint specifically for bathrooms.  

So those are the biggest things going wrong in this bathroom.  And since this has already gotten to be pretty long, I will save my plans for revamping the bathroom for a separate post.

I'm not sure when we will be able to really start working on this bathroom, since we will probably have it torn up for a while.  But, I am excited to make plans for what I would like in here.  The paint color will change as will the vanity and counter top, both of which I hate, new light fixture and more storage.  

Have you ever had a renovation gone bad?  We figured that in buying a house that had been newly renovated, we wouldn't have to do projects like this for a while.  But, you live and learn.  So, stay tuned for what my vision is for this bathroom and for the actual bathroom makeover!

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