Fall decor on a budget

The fall season is fast approaching my friends!  Granted, here in Michigan, we are in the high 70's, low 80's this week.  But this is the time to start pulling out your fall decor and taking inventory of what you have.  I have several great core pieces that I like to use in my annual decorating, but I like to find new items every year to freshen things up.  What I don't like, is to spend a lot.

So today I wanted to give you some ideas on where to find some great, seasonal pieces to keep in your rotation.  The nice thing is, they won't break the bank, in case you decide the next year that you don't like it anymore.

First off, I love my Dear Lillie chalkboard print.  I purchased the download here and had it printed at Staples.  This one I display all year round in the dining room but you could easily rotate it with some of their other prints.  I've heard some people have had good luck getting these printed as engineered prints, which normally cost about $2.  I decided to get mine printed in a better quality because I knew I wanted it to last a long time.  The print is 24x36 but you could make it smaller than that if you didn't want to go that big.

Craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's always have an amazing selection of holiday decor.  The great thing about these places is they pretty much all have coupons for 40-50% off a select item.  So, a couple weeks ago, I used one such coupon to buy this wheat bundle.  I love adding natural elements in my decor, Places like Hobby Lobby also normally have their fall decor 40% off before the season starts.  Be sure to check out their ads or website to find out when that happens.  
Another great time to buy fall decor is right after the fall season.  When stores are trying to get rid of stuff to bring in new inventory, most items will go for much deeper discounts.  So, you can pick up some great stuff for next year!

This year, one surprising place that I found a ton of great fall decor was at Target.  Not in the Home Decor section, but in the Dollar Spot!  Target is really amping up their game in this section.  I grabbed this crate, some candles, a small pillow, the Hello Fall sign and the black wire pumpkins for $3 each.  I already love Target for their great items, but I really am loving the inexpensive decor that they have been adding to this section.  

I already said I like bringing in natural elements, so what better way then adding some gourds and pumpkins from your garden or local market.  My mother-in-law gave these to me after picking them at the church's children's garden.  These are great items to use in those small crates, or in a bowl on the tables or adding them to a shelf.  

This handmade fall sign I picked up at the store where I rent a booth.  The artist's shop is called Denise...on a whim.  I had seen this sign a couple weeks ago when I was in checking on my booth and fell in love.  I wasn't ready to pull the trigger so I decided to wait and if it was still there when I came back, I'd get it.  Well, it must have been meant for me because it was still there Saturday.  I put it up right when I got home and love it!  The colors are perfect for my house and the sign looks great, greeting my visitors.  I love supporting other local artists.  This time of year is great for going to craft shows and flea markets where a lot of people sell handmade items like these.  You may spend a little more but I really feel it's worth it to support your local peeps! Be sure to check out her blog as well here.

I'm sure there are many more places that you can find great decor at reasonable prices.  I'd love to hear where you have found some great items.  Let me know in the comments section.  Or, if you have a favorite item, please share that as well!

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