Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1 Year

I can't believe today snuck up on me as quick as it did.  1 year ago today, we signed all the papers and were handed the keys to our very first home together!  There is a part of me that feels like we've always been here but then there are times were I feel like it has gone by so fast.


I still have boxes that have not been unpacked and rooms that have yet to be touched.  It's been such a different process creating "our" home.  We have such different styles from each other and we try to blend each of our styles together.  Sometimes it works great and other times it looks horrible.  But we are having fun learning how to compromise with each other.

Our house is far from being perfect.  We have such a long "to-do" list and then of course there is the wish list that we've made too.  We may never get every item taken care of and many of those could change still.

But here we are, a year into our first house and I just feel so blessed to have a house that I share with my best friend.  I'm so thankful for the memories we've made here, the family and friends who have joined in celebrating here with us and for the future that lies ahead.  Here's to the next year and many more in our little house!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Living Room Tour

Happy Sunday!  I realized that I've shown you guys some smaller looks into house but not a full room  photos yet.  So I thought I'd take some quick pictures of our living room.  We spend the majority in this room of the house.  I love the big picture window and how much light this room gets.  The cats love sitting by the windows when they are open and Teddy can sit and stare out them all day long.

The couch and big chair are thrift store buys that I've slip covered.  With 2 cats and a dog that shed plus a couple of not always so neat humans, it's nice to have something that we can take off and clean.  The other chairs are also a thrift store find and a hand-me down.

One of my favorite parts of the living room is the curtains we have.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and my mother in law kindly offered her sewing skills to make them for me.  Don't you just love how pretty and cheery they are?

You may be asking yourself what that yellow cord is.  Well, folks, I am all about keeping it real.  That is an extension cord for our TV.  Our house has very few 3 prong outlets, so we have extension cords in here and our bedroom to run the TV and our air pump for our bed.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be getting rid of this one.

I am working on getting some pictures and stuff together to do a gallery wall in this corner.  I've got a couple more pieces to find before I can start hanging things.  Normally, this corner is where we keep the pups bed and toys but today I moved the chair there.  

We don't have a set furniture configuration for this room yet.  It seems to always change depending on what activities we have going on.  I hung the large clock on this wall right after we moved in because I didn't have anything else planned and the wall looked so bare.  Eventually I would like to have a large picture or several prints on this wall.

The ladder shelf I purchased for $15.  It was a little shaky but we added some molding to the back of the shelves to make it more stable.   The greenery I just picked up from Target in the dollar spot!  And the gold arrow I just picked up from Hobby Lobby as well.

I hope you all like this little tour!  I'd love to hear what you think of it! Hopefully I'll do some more rooms so you can get a better idea of what our rooms look like.  Although, to be honest, that means I'll need to clean them!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

File cabinet makeover

I have a lot of projects on my "to-do" list and one is to get my office  organized and decorated.  On the top of the office project list was to find a file cabinet.  I really wanted a lateral file cabinet and those suckers are expensive!  The metal ones start over $100 and the nicer, wood ones are more like $200-$300.  There was no way I was going to spend that kind of money, so I was keeping my eyes open for a used cabinet that I could re-do.

A couple weeks ago my mom sent me a text that she found a file cabinet for only $25!  They picked it up and brought it over that same morning.  The cabinet was in great condition, except for a small stain on the top.  I knew I wanted to paint it anyways, so the stain didn't bother me.

I decided to go with a oil based primer to make sure it stuck well to the metal.  I used a 3 inch foam roller and taped the handles and lock.  I also made sure to paint in a well ventilated room since the oil based primer is much stronger than water based.  For added coverage, I did 2 coats of primer.

Once the second coat of primer was done, I started with the paint.  I chose Bonsai Tint from Sherwin Williams in a High Gloss paint.  Again, I used the foam roller and did 3 coats of paint.  The painting took me two nights to complete and it was very easy.

I can finally start getting all my papers and files organized and put away.  Plus, I can finally go shopping for office supplies.  (I'm such a dork but I love office supplies!)

I added the fun lettering to the cabinets and purchased this globe that I've been eyeing for a while.  We have no art or window coverings in the office yet and need an actual office chair.  But for now we are off to a good start.  The desk I bought from a co-worker and I will be painting that too but can't decide on what color that will be.

Overall, the file cabinet makeover cost me less than the price of a brand new cabinet.  And now I can get the office organized and clean!  I hope you enjoyed this little project!

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