1 Year

I can't believe today snuck up on me as quick as it did.  1 year ago today, we signed all the papers and were handed the keys to our very first home together!  There is a part of me that feels like we've always been here but then there are times were I feel like it has gone by so fast.


I still have boxes that have not been unpacked and rooms that have yet to be touched.  It's been such a different process creating "our" home.  We have such different styles from each other and we try to blend each of our styles together.  Sometimes it works great and other times it looks horrible.  But we are having fun learning how to compromise with each other.

Our house is far from being perfect.  We have such a long "to-do" list and then of course there is the wish list that we've made too.  We may never get every item taken care of and many of those could change still.

But here we are, a year into our first house and I just feel so blessed to have a house that I share with my best friend.  I'm so thankful for the memories we've made here, the family and friends who have joined in celebrating here with us and for the future that lies ahead.  Here's to the next year and many more in our little house!

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