Our Fireplace

Happy Easter everyone!  What a week it has been around here.  We are ending of weekend by hosting the Easter lunch with my family and my husbands family, minus a couple people.  I wish I could see this next week will be more relaxing but it will probably be even more exhausting.  At least my house is clean for a while!

The living room is where we spend the most time in our house.  If you remember, we currently are without a fireplace and mantle, but we have a great brick hearth.  While we continue to search for the perfect mantle, I wanted to show what I am doing right now with fireplace.  I found several prints that I loved from Dear Lillie and decided to switch them out for the seasons.  This morning I changed the print to the "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" print.  I love that I can change things up and keep with the season.

Many of the items we have on the mantle have special significance behind them.  The birch vases were used at our wedding and the blue hydrangeas were the flowers we had for our bouquets and centerpieces.  I also have one of our wedding photos displayed.  I added another little print I purchased online and a cute little bunny.  And lastly, our "money tree" that I have kept alive for a couple weeks so far.

I love that all these pieces have special meaning to us and are very personal.  Someday we will be adding a gas fireplace, but for now, we'll enjoy it the way it is.  

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