Inexpensive Fall Wreath

Well, I thought I'd have another post up sooner than today but life happens.  My husband was gone on a work trip for 10 days so I was trying to play catch up with a bunch of projects.  He's back but will probably be working a lot this weekend yet.  So hopefully I'll have more time to complete stuff to show you guys.  I promise to get some bigger projects coming!

I'm back with another quick and inexpensive project.  Last Sunday I ran to the craft store to pick up a couple things and found this simple wreath wrapped with burlap.  As soon as I saw it I knew I could fix it up and add something to it.  The wreath only cost $8.  I found some small floral steams that were on sale and grabbed a couple different ones and a simple brown ribbon.

Here's what you'll need:

Wreath (can be wrapped in burlap or a plain straw one)
Floral accents

Step one: Cut steams to desired length and stick into wreath.  Make sure to make them varying heights.

Step two: Wrap ribbon around the wreath to hide the base of the steams.  I used the pins to keep the ribbon from slipping around.

Step Three: Hang!

See how simple that was!  It seriously took me about 15 minutes to make this. You can choose whatever colors you want and add other elements as you desire.  The best part is that you can easily take it apart and reuse the wreath for the next season.

I hope that inspires you to create something that is simple and affordable!

It's really starting to look like fall around here.  Both in the house and outside.  I'm hoping we can go do a color tour soon.  What's one of your fall traditions?  Do you do the whole color tour thing?  If so, where is the best place to check out?

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