Stitch Fix #1 Review

Hey guys!  I just got my first Stitch Fix box this week.  I know this isn't anything to do with Home Decor, but, hey, a girls gotta look good too!  I have zero time to actual shop for my self lately and if I do it's from a thrift store.  I really appreciate quality pieces and I had heard a lot of good things about Stitch Fix.  If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it's a personalized box of clothing that is sent to you about once a month.  You fill out a style profile and a stylist chooses items to send to you.  You can then decide to keep or return the items that are sent.  The styling fee is $20 and that will get the box sent to you.
So, I pulled the trigger and could not wait to get it.  Seriously, I had the date circled in my calendar with the heart around it and kept telling people that it was coming.  (picture squealing like a school girl when I got home from work and saw the box on the table)

I got a total of 5 items, a blouse, jacket, poncho, jeans and a necklace.  Along with the clothing you also get a little note from the stylist, an inventory list that includes the prices of each piece and a guide to help put items together to create an outfit for each item.  I tried all the pieces on and took my time with each item, to determine if I liked it.  One or two items I knew right away how I felt, the others I wasn't quite sure.  (Sorry no actual photos of me trying everything on.  Maybe next time)

First up was the blouse.  The material was very nice, I liked the weight of it and how it hung.  The pattern was a little brighter than I would have like but was still within my style.  When I first tried it on, I actually thought the sleeves were waaaay too short but quickly realized that it was meant to be worn with the sleeves rolled up.  This one was a keep!

Still needs some de-wrinkling.

Next up was the Poncho.  I had requested a poncho or cape, mostly because I like the idea of them and feel like I would like one.  The one that was sent looked huge when I took it out.  The colors were pretty and simple.  I tried it on a couple of times because I really wasn't sure of it.  I thought I could pull it off if I wore the right pants with it but in the end decided to return it.

This jacket has been on my list for a while.  I loved the fabric again, and it was lined inside.  It wasn't quite military green but had a bit more brown tones to it.  There is a string inside to tighten up around the waist.  I struggled a lot with this one.  I loved everything but in the end it was just a bit too big for me to feel it was worth the money.  I returned this one as well.  My hunt continues for an awesome military jacket or vest.

The jeans that I was sent were Straight Leg jeans from Dear John.  Now, jeans and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love them but they hate to fit me right.  I generally stay away from straight leg jeans as I like the skinnies or flare/wide leg better.  But I tried these on.  Again, the fabric was really nice, but that was about it.  I don't have a lot (or any) curves and these just hung on me in the wrong way.  These were also returned.

I'm not a big jewelry person but I liked the necklace that was sent.  Now, I know that chevrons are past their prime, but I thought this piece worked really well and a statement piece.  I know I have several tops that would work great with this one, so I put that in my keep pile.

If you are counting, I ended up keeping 2 out of the 5 items.  Since I had already paid the $20 styling fee to get the box, that went towards must purchase.  Had I decided to keep all 5 items, I would have received an additional 25% off the purchase price.  The items I returned went into a prepaid bag and out with the mail.  Overall I enjoyed the experience and already scheduled my next box.  Some of the things I liked with the process was that I could send back my thoughts on all the items I received.  I also like the fact that it isn't a subscription that you get every month.  I was able to schedule my next box for a specified date or I could choose to not get another box.

For my next box I will be making some changes.  I found an article here, that I will use to help me figure out how to make changes so that my next box is even better! If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, feel free to do so here. (affiliate link)  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have as well!

If you have gotten your own Stitch Fix box, I'd love to hear your experience with it!

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