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Well, January is just flying by around here!  It doesn't help that I have been sick with a nasty cold and sinus infection since before Christmas.  I'm slowly getting better but I feel like I've lost a months worth of time by not being able to do anything.  Since I'm working on catching back up with my projects, I thought I'd share you with guys some of my favorite blogs that I like to read.

The Makerista

Gwen's style is bold, traditional but with modern and eclectic mixed in.  I really love that she is not afraid of using color, like a bright yellow fireplace or a brand new Mauve library!

Fearless DIY is Mandi's motto.  Her style is very different from that of The Makerista but I love how she creates things from simple, everyday items.  

Layla is a sweet southern girl who has great taste.  I love how she mixes vintage items with fresh new finishes.  And that wallpaper in her bathroom?!  It has my heart!

Allison has become one of my favorites because I feel like we have a similar style.  She is all about rescuing neglected pieces and transforming them into beautiful new pieces.  Plus, I've had the opportunity to meet her a couple times and she is a gem!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites.  Be sure to check out their blogs because there is a ton more to see!!  Are any of these bloggers on your reading list?  Who do you love to check out?  I'd love to hear who is on your favorites list.  

I hope to share lots more with you soon, including the guest room makeover.  I'm super excited for what is happening in there!  Now if only the weather would warm up so I could paint some furniture.  I really need a heated garage!  

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