Favorite Finds - Scalloped Table

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! We have had a very busy weekend celebrating my brother-in-law and nephews birthdays as well as trying to set some time aside to relax. This coming week, I'm prepping the house to celebrate Easter. We'll be hosting Easter lunch and I'm excited to have my house filled with the people I love.

One of my favorite things about shopping is finding great deals! (what girl doesn't?)  It does my dutch heart good to find something and pay next to nothing for it!  I thought I would showcase one of my favorite ones today.

This great little table I found about 2 years ago at a place in town called Changing Thymes.  I walked towards it and thought, “that’s cute, I wish I had a house to put that in”.  I couldn't get it out of my mind and I started getting worried that someone else would see it and want to buy it.  I sent my husband a text and asked if he was ok with me getting it, since we didn't have a place for it.  He gave me the go ahead and I’m so thankful he did! 

 I still need to give it a fresh coat of paint and may even paint the inside of the table a fun accent color.  I’m so glad that I got to take this guy home.  We've moved this guy around a couple different times so far and it looks great in every spot!

Don’t you love the feet and the scallops edges on the top?!  

I'm loving decorating this table for the season.  It was a great spot for my little Christmas Village and now my Easter bunnies and mason jar wax warmer add some color to the end of the hallway.

What is something that you just couldn't live without?  Are there pieces that you kick yourself for not getting?  Have a great week!


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