Repurposed crate turned shelf

I love shopping for antiques and re-purposing them in new ways.  For the main bathroom I wanted to put something above the toilet that was both pretty and functional.  One Saturday, my husband and I decided to spend the day antiquing in town.  We ended up at The Painted Farmgirl in Hudsonville for the first time.  Almost right away I spotted this crate and decided it was the perfect piece to hang above the toilet for that extra storage I was looking for.  The size was perfect and the price was great!  
Bathroom crate.png

Since this crate was going in the bathroom, I wanted to protect it from getting rust on the metal or for the wood to get too much moisture.  I had some matte polyurethane for another project and I added a couple of light coats on the crate.  Once it was dry I just added some nails in the wall and hung it up.  Now I've got a spot off my counter for some little pretty things, my q-tips, lotion and makeup brushes.  How cute is this!?  

Bathroom Crate close up.png

Bathroom crate close up 2.png
Don’t you love this little porcupine and the makeup brush holder?
Bathroom crate close up 4.png

Bathroom Crate side view.png
What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do?  I love that it add character and it feels like it has a story to tell.  

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    1. Thank you so much! It's been a great little place to store things!

  2. What a creative shelf! Its perfect for that job!!


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