New Door Reveal

So, I left you guys hanging last week with the promise of showing off our new front door and side door.  The doors were installed on Tuesday and so far we are loving them.  In case you don't remember the front door, here is a little refresher.

Old, gross door
They side door has made big impact, as the old door had no windows.  We now have a half circle window in that door and we finally get light in the small area off the kitchen.  The front door is great as well.  The windows let in lots of natural light and yet still give us the privacy we want.

We also got a new screen door for the front.  I love having the front door open so I can get even more light and air flow into the house.  We went with a light grey/taupe color for this door and we will eventually be painting the rest of our trim to match this.  The blue door gives a nice fresh pop of color and the windows are gorgeous!  

We also removed the wall mounted mail box and put in a new mail box and post.  Our old mail box was small, dented and gross.  Since we get a lot of packages and we do not have a covering over the front door, we thought the least we could do was get a bigger mail box.  We also had an electrician come in and install a LED lighted address sign.  This is such a cool piece.  It stays on 24/7 and just plugs into an outlet.  No one should have a problem finding our house anymore!

While the electrician was working on a couple things, I spent the afternoon in the front planting some hostas.  We pulled out the bushes in the front a couple months ago and I've have the hostas just chilling outside until I had enough time to plant them.  Yesterday I added a couple of delphinium under the window for a little color and height.  

While it's not where I want things to be yet, we've made a lot of progress giving our house some needed curb appeal.
What do you think of the difference? I am still on the search to add a tree to the area next to the driveway.  We have some power lines that we need to stay away from so that limits me to the size of tree I can put there.  Any suggestions on a nice, flowering tree that would work in that space?

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  1. So good looking. A door really does change everything. One thing I did when I was younger and it was just me and my partner living in our house. We removed all of the doors in our place. Our bathroom was in such a place that it did not really need a door. It was a neat way to live.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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