The Problem with Blogs and Pinterest

I know what you are going to say about that title.  Yes, I write a blog and I love pinning stuff on Pinterest.  Hear me out.  If there is one thing I have learned in the last year and a half of owning my home is that my house will never be perfect.  That is something I struggle with  Like, some days I can't even deal with it.  We still have boxes that haven't been touched since we moved in.  People always tell me that it took them a long time to unpack and get this just the way they want it.  But I just feel like I'm moving at a snail's pace.

Along with that, I feel like I haven't gotten near as far along as I would like to on decorating my house.  My guest room has become the store all the things room for decorating.  I have piles of pictures in one corner, a closet full of uninstalled curtains and unused vases as well as a catch all for my half done projects.

Source: Young House Love

So, here's the thing.  Everyday I see pictures on other bloggers pages and scroll Pinterest and the photos all show the best.  No clutter, no mess.  Everything organized and in the rightful place.  Magazine worthy photos.  And I think to myself, now, why can't my house be like that?  Why can't all my mess disappear and find homes so that my house can be perfect.  Do you find yourself feeling the same way?  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  Can I be honest?  I actually feel like I'm failing as a homeowner and as a wife when my house is a disaster.  I want my home to be a peaceful, relaxing place for both myself and my husband.  I want him to walk into the house after working hard all day to a clean house and not have to trip over stuff or move a pile of papers off the table.

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I realize I probably sound like I'm complaining and that's not what this is about.  It's about the fact that we have lost our realistic expectations on our homes.  Our homes don't have to be perfect to be peaceful and relaxing places of rest.  Believe me, if you could see beyond the camera lens, I'm sure you would see piles of things that they moved out of the way before they took to photo.  They have dust bunnies and dirty windows like the rest of us.  They have bad days when there are piles of papers on the dining room table.  Don't think that their homes are immaculate every single minute of the day.   They aren't.  And it's ok if you and I have less than perfect houses.  That is what we have to remember when looking at blogs and scrolling through Pinterest.  No one is perfect and no one has the perfect house.   I'm not saying stop reading blogs or stop looking at Pinterest.  I'll still do both, probably every day. Just make sure you stop beating yourself up over comparing your house with theirs.  I know, practice what you preach, and I do try.  Maybe someday my house will be just enough organized and clean.  But until then, I'll keep reminding myself that it's ok to have a messy house.

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I would love to hear back from you guys!  Tell me what you think.

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  1. Haha! I thought I was the only one. We are decluttering the house, but it will take forever for it to look like these pictures. Plus we have 3 kids and 1 one dog. Maybe I'm just dreaming.....Have a great week,

    1. I know, I figured since it's just the 2 of us so far, it would be quick to get it into shape. How easily I forget that Life Happens! Good luck on your decluttering!


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